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01 Dec 2013

Millhouse Shareholder Update - December 2013

Dear Shareholders

We would like to update you on the progress made by the company in recent months.

You will note from the company website (www.millhouse.co) that City One Securities Limited in London were contracted to raise equity financing. This is to be done in stages, with much smaller first and second tranches to fund the relisting of the shares, audit, UK Companies House compliances, and working capital for the first acquisitions.

The directors convened in London recently for a week of meetings with prospective private and institutional investors introduced by City One. Further meetings were then held in Berlin and Paris. We also met with executives from GXG Capital Markets in respect of the relisting of the shares on the GXG Main Quote Platform.

Subsequently, the company has been asked to undertake due diligence processes from two investment groups. Others have also expressed an interest from these meetings.

What became clear, especially in the City of London and in Berlin, was that confidence was returning and people are wanting to conduct new business. In both cities, there is a large amount of new commercial building activity.

The company has prepared its accounts to comply with relevant UK standards. These are now ready for audit as a precursor to making final application to quote the stock on the GXG Main Quote Platform in London.

London Registrars have been appointed UK Company Secretary and are advising the company on UK compliance matters.

In Paris, the chairman and deputy chairman participated in the signing of the acquisition contracts for FinRoad. FinRoad is a business transactional and social media site which we believe to be of significant future value to the company. This contract is still subject to two conditions precedent, being a UK tax certification matter required by one of the exiting shareholders, and confirmation of the listing date of the stock. The consideration for the acquisition of FinRoad is Millhouse, Inc. PLC stock.

Once the pre-listing capital has been confirmed, the company will be in a position to meet the preconditions for the relisting of the stock.

City One Securities required the company to commission an independent research valuation of the shares. ACF Equity Research Limited in London conducted that work and valued the shares at between €3.51–€3.56 per share. This valuation can be found on the company website.

The directors have determined to offer investors who wish to acquire stock prior to its relisting a discount for shares in this period. All present shareholders are entitled to participate in this offer during this period. Please contact the company should you wish to do so on +61 411 185 582.

The website will be updated when the pre-relisting capital has been raised, and a listing date for the stock confirmed by GXG.

In the meantime, the directors trust you have an enjoyable summer in Australia, and a suitably festive season in the Northern Hemisphere.

Millhouse Inc. PLC
December 2013

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